Draft 2/17/03


A.  Any Congregation accepted into fellowship with the Unitarian
Universalist Association in Southeast Florida in Martin, Palm
Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, or Monroe Counties or in the Caribbean
Islands is a member congregation of this Cluster.

B.  The Unitarian Universalist Church of the Larger Fellowship,
with a membership count matching the reported membership within
Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, or Monroe Counties or in
the Caribbean Islands, shall be a member congregation of this
Cluster. At the adoption of these Bylaws, that count was about
(40) forty members.


A:  Each Member Congregation shall be entitled to two delegates to
the Cluster Annual Meeting, plus an additional delegate for each
hundred and fractional part of one hundred members of its
congregation. (For example, a 140 member congregation shall be
entitled to three delegates.) Delegates serve at the pleasure of
their respective congregations.


A.  The Cluster Board shall consist of a President, Vice-
President, Secretary, Treasurer, Youth Representative, and
Trustees-at-large, as elected at the Annual Meeting. With the
exception of the Youth Representative, other Directors and all
Officers shall be at least eighteen years of age. Should the Youth
Representative be underage, she or he will not be included in any
quorum. The other Board Members shall count the vote of the Youth
Representative along with their own.

C.  No member of the Board shall have more than one vote, no
matter how many functions that person might fulfill.

D.  The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall
be elected to two-year terms, serving until their successors are
elected.  Trustees-at-large and the Youth Representative shall be
elected to one-year terms.

E.  A vacancy shall result when a Board Member is absent from
three meetings during the twelve months prior to the next Annual
Meeting, subject to the discretion of the Board. The Board may
fill any vacancies.


A.  The duties of the Officers shall be those commonly performed
in the positions held.

B.  The President shall chair Board meetings, the Annual Meeting,
and Special Meetings of the delegates.

C.  The Vice-President, in the absence of the President, shall
perform the duties of the President and is also responsible for
Cluster event programming.

D.  The Secretary shall maintain records and supervise the
election procedure.

E.  The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds and deposit them
in the name of the Corporation in such banks, or other deposi-
tories selected by the Cluster Board.  The Treasurer shall make
such reports to the Board as it may request.


A.  The Cluster Board shall appoint committees as necessary to
carry out the mission of the Cluster. These committees may be
composed of both Board Members and other UUs.

1.  The Communications Coordinator shall produce a paper newslet-
ter, website, press releases, and email broadcasts as directed by
the Cluster Board.

2.  The SWIM Representative shall attend the SWIM Annual Meeting
on January 1st and other SWIM Board meetings as they are called.

B.  The Youth Representation shall strive to be a voice for the UU
youth within the boundaries of the Cluster.


A.  The Board shall set a time and place for the Annual Meeting,
to be held in either October or November. Notice of such date and
of any Special Meetings of the delegates shall to be given to the
Secretary of all member congregations at least thirty days prior
to the designated date.

B.  A Nominating Committee of at least three members of UU
Congregations within the Cluster shall be elected at the Annual
Meeting. Their report shall be included with the call for the
Annual Meeting.

C.  Election of Officers and Directors by delegates shall be held
at the Annual Meeting. The President and Secretary shall be
elected on odd-numbered years. The Vice-President and Treasurer
shall be elected in even-numbered years. Each year the slate of
candidates shall include nominations for next year's Nominating

D.  The decision will rest with the presiding officer of the
meeting, if a person's voting eligibility comes into question.

E.  The Board shall meet at least quarterly. Meetings may be
called by the President or any three members of the Board, after
reasonable notice being given.

F.  Board Meetings shall be open to the membership of Cluster UU
Congregations. All Cluster minutes shall be made available to the
Secretary and Denominational Affairs Chair of Member


A.  At the Annual Meeting, there shall be no quorum requirement.
At Special Meetings of the delegates, twenty-five percent
representative by member congregations shall constitute a quorum.

B.  At meetings of the Cluster Board, twenty-five percent of the
elected and appointed Trustees shall constitute a quorum.

C.  The Cluster shall strive to operate by consensus. Robert's
Rules of Order shall be used as a guide for meetings.

                        ARTICLE VIII - FISCAL YEAR

A. The Fiscal Year of the Cluster shall be January 1 to December

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