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  • February 16, Monday: Southeast Florida Cluster Annual Assembly, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


  • March 20-22, Friday-Sunday: Florida UU Women's Retreat, at Cedarkirk Camp & Conference, 1920 Streetman Dr, Lithia, FL.


  • April 17-19, Friday-Sunday: Florida UU Annual Assembly, in Orlando, Florida.


  • June 24-28, Wednesday-Sunday: UU General Assembly, in Portland, Oregon.


  • July 19-25, Sunday-Saturday: UU Summer Institute, SUUSI, in Blacksburg, Virginia.


  • December 26-January 1, Saturday-Sunday: SWIM, the Southeast Unitarian Universalsit Winter Institute at Miami, is a week long camping and conference event at Camp Owaissa Bauer in Homestead. Families, singles, partners, and all are welcome.